Brad pitt amp angelina jolie dating

Furthermore, Brad would be able to see the children whenever he wanted to.

When Brad said his wife’s proposal was absolutely unacceptable, the famously volatile Jolie flew into a terrifying rage.

Brad’s friends say the actor was ‘crushed and devastated’ when he was hit by the double whammy of being served with divorce papers and simultaneously by allegations of drunkenness, violence to his son and an affair with French actress Marion Cotillard – rumours she has denied.The friends told me that they had agreed then, at a time when they were seldom off magazine covers, that most showbusiness brands had a seven-year shelf life before the public became bored and moved on.This understanding and an intense physical connection helped paper over the cracks in their relationship, friends say. Although they are together worth hundreds of millions of dollars, much of their wealth is tied up in property and in Brad’s film projects, with the result that they often spent way beyond their means.‘Whenever they have had “sell the house” arguments before, he has always pressed for them to go into mediation, divide their assets amicably, and agree to share the custody of the children before announcing to the world that they had gone their separate ways.‘That’s why Brad feels so bereft and betrayed now.He can’t believe she is trying to trash his name and reputation because he has always said, despite the advice of his lawyer, that he would never bad-mouth the mother of his children.’Despite the seismic shock among their Hollywood friends at the sudden and bitter nature of their split, few who – like me – have studied the evolution of the Brangelina phenomenon for more than a decade will be surprised that they are going their separate ways.

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