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Evidence of the presence of Neanderthals has been discovered on the Gower Peninsula.Whether they remained in the area during periods of extreme cold is unclear.Archaeological evidence from some Neolithic sites (e.g.Tinkinswood) has shown the continued use of cromlechi in the Bronze Age.Glamorgan was the most populous and industrialised county in Wales, and was once called the "crucible of the Industrial Revolution," as it contained the world centres of three metallurgical industries and its rich resources of coal.The county of Glamorgan comprises several distinct regions: the industrial valleys, the agricultural Vale of Glamorgan, and the scenic Gower Peninsula.The Bronze Age – defined by the use of metal – has made a lasting impression on the area.Over six hundred Bronze Age barrows and cairns, of various types, have been identified all over Glamorgan.

The resulting population pressures appear to have led to conflict.Two major groups of Neolithic architectural traditions are represented in the area: portal dolmens (e.g.St Lythans burial chamber (Vale of Glamorgan), and Cae'rarfau (near Creigiau)); and Severn-Cotswold chamber tombs (e.g.Hill forts began to be built from the Late Bronze Age (and throughout the Iron Age (3150–1900 BP)) and the amount and quality of weapons increased noticeably – along the regionally distinctive tribal lines of the Iron Age.Archaeological evidence from two sites in Glamorgan shows Bronze Age practices and settlements continued into the Iron Age.

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Sea levels have been 150 metres (490 ft) lower and 8 metres (26 ft) higher than at present, resulting in significant changes to the coastline during this period.

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