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Unsurprisingly, going to my paternal grandma’s house for tea, where there were hearty stews and casseroles on offer, left Mum pulling a disapproving face and my sister and me in heaven.Ultimately, Mum’s strict regime has stood me in good stead because I naturally make healthy food choices.She’s always been into clean eating and when my sister and I were kids we weren’t allowed red meat, anything cooked with oils or salt and certainly no ‘tuck’.There weren’t any snacks and family meals were usually a piece of fish with boiled potatoes and two vegetables, plus an apple or tangerine for pudding.However, I have had to concede that kids like sweet stuff, and if he whinges enough for a treat, I’ll sometimes give in and allow him one biscuit or a tiny bit of chocolate.Laura Adams, 33, is a sales executive who lives in Orpington, Kent, with her husband and their two-year-old daughter, Eadie.

When Lucy and her sister were little, instead of sweets I’d treat them with a trip to the park.Her mother is Sue Williams, 57, who works for a motor company, is single and also lives in Orpington.Mum’s nonchalent approach to Eadie’s food has caused tension over the past two years.Her mother is Penny Hamper, 62, a receptionist, who is divorced and lives in Hertfordshire.Piled high with crisps, chocolate and sweets for my son, Carter, the tuck cupboard in my kitchen goes against everything my mum believes in.

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Now, as Grandma Penny, I’d rather play football or read a book with Carter as a reward when he’s been good.

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