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If they’re OK with doing what you’re not, that doesn’t invalidate your choice.It’s not something that you need to explain or justify.My problem is that there are also chat rooms where people interact with one another. We have (or so I thought) an extremely active and fun sex life.From what I gathered, it can range from actual personals (let's meet up) to group stories (someone writes out a scenario, another person jumps in with the next part of the storyline until 20 people have made up a story). He apologized profusely and said he'd never partake in the chats again.Some people lack the experience to recognise the sexual undertone to certain types of situations and so may not understand your own judgement on the situation, and others project and are so busy taking what you may have told them about this person or just assuming that you should never leave any dating stone unturned, that they can’t fathom why you don’t say yes to every offer.Some people are totally OK with the late night thang and so may see your take as a judgement, when it’s not; it’s just your personal choice.He also claimed that he never interacts with people one on one.

I don't have a problem with porn in general, reading or watching.I reiterated that while I thought reading/watching pornography was fine, he crossed the line by actually interacting with other people.My question is: Should I believe that he's never taken it beyond a group chat? He got carried away, probably chatting up a bunch of people who just read "Fifty Shades of Grey." You've explained your boundaries and he's accepted them. He didn't get defensive and he certainly didn't hide. ) Again, I can't promise you that he's never going to cheat on you, but this website stuff doesn't sound very serious.

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