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Please continue to make more games, hugs and everything good for you Full Flap By coincidence I finished the saga NTRPG 2 and finished today of playing the Marie Xmas, gorgeous game that shows the village in a snowy and interesting winter.The game is fast as if it were a dlc, to pay tribute to Christmas and enjoy and show some interesting about the game, I liked it a lot and it is indispensable for those who finished NTRPG 2.Someone in Darkness is a short little R*pe simulator.It has a few short stages and some well done CG animation scenes. And it is a well made game, despite the flaws in the design.All the games of Hanataka impressed me a lot for the simplicity and affection in making the game.I liked the characters so much that I have a blog where I did the Drawing of Tiris and Filia.

The Game leaves you in a situation where netorare is inevitable, you can interact with other girls and tell the truth every day to play this game a little.

only the scene where's she's made into a pig with a nose hook was good but even that scene had mediocre voice acting. I'm a ahegao loving type of person and the humiliation and ahegao didn't kick in until later on but overall this game is one of the most hardcore over the top fantasy type, gangbanging, breast squirting, degrading, monster f*cking Pin-Point genre games I've ever seen compared to most of their works which don't really have these elements.

It's your stereotypical hentai in a fantasy world but it's good. I like how there's 2 different girls to watch them go into ahegao though I'm not generally a big fan of shy/lady like/princess themed heroines I'll let it slide because the humiliating "act like a pig" scene was sexy.

Our records show that Minnie Manga is currently it's always impressive when a young 21 year old sucks and swallows cum along with doing anal most girls wait until they're 28-32 before doing that she still has her baby skin nice and sweet meat who will get defiled.

Because, No matter how she squirms the pleasure rays continuously propel her to orgasmic overload.

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