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Catster recently chatted with Hendel about Snorri’s life of crime.

A Go Fund Me campaign raised money to buy Snorri a collar camera.

Anne makes friends with all of the neighborhood dogs and keeps treats handy to give out when they pass by on their walks.

See more of her work at her website, and follow her on Twitter.

He was there when I got home, in the same spot, so I brought him in, warmed him up and fed him. Richie, who is 12, and two little dogs named Trixie and Elvis. He began early this spring by bringing in small sticks and pieces of garbage. At first, he brought children’s and dogs’ toys, matchbooks, little pieces of plastic, grease rags, a wine cork, a leopard-print towel, gloves, baseball hats, a Frisbee, and other small items. Although sometimes we get the occasional glove or hat. He has managed to bring in some pretty heavy items, like wooden clogs and men’s size 13 sandals.

As the trucker cruises across America, she encounters towns lost in time and a serial murder straight out of a horror film.

Perfect for: People who enjoy Stephen King novels Episode to get hooked on: “Part 1, Chapter 1: Omelet” Genre: Comedy, Interview What it’s all about: Anna Faris loves talking to strangers.

Other nights, he gets lazy and leaves it in the backyard. My hope is that winter will hit and the thievery will taper off a bit.

He is usually snuggly and lazy next to the fireplace, out of the rain and ice.

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