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After the end of the 18th century, Capodimonte wares cannot be attributed to the Royal Naples factory.The N mark was originally Royal Naples, of course, but Ginori (Doccia) was the first maker to copy the N mark as ‘homage’ (first used by Ginori in 1835).Fine china manufacturers A - F (alphabetical listings).

The new factory was set in a Royal Wood named Capodimonte (translates literally as "the head of the mount" or "the top of the hill") from which the porcelain got its name.Their ware is said to be resistant to dust and cracks due to a secret glaze. The history of Berlin KPM declined in the mid-19th century but revived again and is still in production today. See also Dresden china manufacturers history (see under 'D').Founded in Berlin by Wilhelm Caspar Wegely in 1751 Germany. see antique bone china section If you look back to the true history, the porcelain is named after the place (a bit like 'Derby' or 'Worcester').In the area of Milan, a wider array of decorative ware was developing – including the caricature figurines.In the 1950’s the companies opted to promote artists names alongside the produce.

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