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Round 2: Chabaan flexing his mucsles to the crowd before the round begins.Chabaan controlling the pace, but Andreev’s crisp straight takes him down and now Andreev is controlling the fight.Round 2: Hämäläinen landing good punches early in the round and forcing young Castren away from the center of the cage. Hämäläinen most likely landed more significant strikes, but Castren, the southpaw, landed a couple of very crisp straight lefts as well.Round 3: Hämäläinen’s nose bleeding as the round starts. Hämäläinen goes for a spinning fist which lands but not flush.FNF 15 goes down tonight at Karkkilan Liikuntahalli and MMA Viking is cageside for pictures and live results here.

Winner: Chabaan by unanimous decision Tero Keränen Sisu Gym vs Matias Virta Sankukai Round 1: Keränen controlling the stand up with solid combinations to the head most of the round.Chabaan now in half guard and Andreev is attempting to get a guillotine.Andreev attempts to stand up, but is too slow and Chabaan takes his back.Virta landed a couple of heavy kicks to the lead leg of Keränen, but was not able to land a whole lot more in the first round. Virta seems to be finding his range now, and landing much better in this round.Virta dictating the pace and range during most of the second round.

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